Don’t DQ by Passing Through!

If you are getting your Working Equitation education through videos and reading the rules you might be really disappointed if a judge disqualifies your due to this seemingly insignificant rule!

When riding in EOH or the Speed test, you may not pass between any elements of another obstacle unless you have already completed that obstacle.

Here is an example that could catch you off guard and cause a DQ.

Arizona Course Map

You can click this art (any art on our site) to see a full size version.

In our example the course map calls for these  elements to be performed in the following order.

4. Garrocha Pick Up

5. Skewer the Ring

6. Return the Garrocha

7. Switch a Cup

During the course walk down you plan your path of travel for elements 4, 5 and 6  and you decide on your return trip to drop off the garrocha you will travel between the Single Slalom Poles, element 10.  This would cause a DQ, as you have not completed the Single Slalom!  Should the order of the course be changed and you have already completed the Single Slalom this is not an issue.   It also would not be an issue if the course map indicates it is ok, but that is not the case here.  In this case pick your route of travel so that you avoid passing between any of the elements of the Slalom, instead go around the complete Slalom.

Elements that frequently cause a DQ are the Single Slalom, Double or Parallel Slalom, the Figure 8 and especially watch the elements associated with the Garrocha!

This rule can be found at:USFWEA

USFWE Rules Page 14 where it states. “Riders cannot cross any obstacle that has not been performed.”

WEIAUSA provides guidance in two places.  The first is under EOH and the second under EOH & SpeedWEIA

P. 56 section 3.3.F.3 states ” Crossing the line of an obstacle during the trial but before it has been performed unless specifically noted as allowed on the course map shall result in the rider’s immediate disqualification.”

P. 62 Section 3.5.C Disqualifications for the Ease of Handling & Speed Trials states, ” Crossing the line of an obstacle during the trial but before it has been performed unless specifically noted as allowed on the course map.”

Read your map and carefully plan your route to keep your Disappointment Quotient as low as possible.


2 thoughts on “Don’t DQ by Passing Through!”

  1. Hi Keith, would it be possible to put up additional artwork which shows the correct route and an incorrect route? I’m not sure I understand how you’d be able to get to the next obstacle without going in between two unfinished obstacles. Or are you talking about going through the individual elements of an obstacle?

    1. Hello Christina, Thanks for the questions. You arrived at the answer on your second question. Do not pass between the elements of an obstacle that you have not finished. If you click the map in the article it will become much larger and you will see all the elements of the obstacles more clearly. Pick a route that does not take you between the poles in the slalom obstacle, or the three barrels in the cloverleaf, or the back thru poles in the cup obstacle in the upper left corner!

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