What WAWE Wants!

Recently I had an opportunity to discuss with some of the early enthusiast of WE just how we got where we are with respect to the “national” groups and some of the perceived divisions.  At this point it appears to almost be like the legendary Hatfield and McCoy’s, a feud that has gone on so long that nobody really remembers what caused it or why!

What came out of the discussion was a marvelous letter from the President of WAWE to all of the “players” in the U.S.  This letter is from 2013 and gives us some insight into who was involved at the time and what the expectation of WAWE would be with respect to the much coveted “protocol”.   Many of the original “players” have since disappeared, but several are still among us, and continue to have an interest and involvement in WE.

What is the “protocol”?  The elusive protocol is simply the authorization from WAWE for a country to send a team of riders to international championships.  For that to happen certain criteria are required to be met.  In recent months leadership from more than one of our national organizations have met with and appealed to the President of WAWE, asking that the protocol be made available to their organization.  He has held his ground, we do not meet the criteria so U.S. riders will not be accorded the opportunity to compete.   Good on you Joao!  Ultimately we will be better off, though it would be a shame if our first generation of riders all miss the opportunity to compete on the international stage.

These are the KEY elements needed by the U.S. in the 2013 letter (which is attached to the end of this article), and they are the same today as then.

  1. An agreement is requited between WAWE and those entities compromising ALL of the United States Working Equitation organization(s). WAWE does not require there to be one organization alone representing WE in the United States, provided the various organizations in some form of association agree with each other.
  2. Identifies each entity approving the agreement. An entity is not an individual.
  3. Contains a single set of rules and regulations that govern the discipline.  Again, there can be more than one organization, however each organization must agree to every part of the singular set of rules and regulations.   We currently have three or four sets of rules.
  4. WAWE requires an ASSOCIATION of participants.   This can be worked out.  The USFWE was originally intended to be an association of other organizations.  The USFWE is willing to be an equal alongside WEIAUSA and WE United if that is what it takes to move forward.
  5. Identifies who (by personal name or organization name is not clear) is responsible for the future relationship with WAWE.
  6. Must define as objectives, the number of competitions, regional and national that will take place annually.
  7. Identify training courses for riders.
  8. Identify training courses for judges.
  9. Identify the national costume.
  10. Include guidance and rules for the youth teams (program).
  11. Must offer some type of financial support to WAWE.

Many of these objectives have already been met by one or more of our national organizations.  All that is lacking is one rulebook and cooperation agreements between the interested parties.    We can do that!

The letter is a bit hard to understand (due to translation), but  you can compare what was stated above to verify  I have not embellished in any way.    You may have to click on this link again in the new window.   wawe-protocol-letter

Please get behind  the effort asking for cooperation among the national organizations.

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