The Phases of Working Equitation Training

 Through Working Equitation training, the horse and rider learn to perform a variety of tasks or obstacle challenges provide a stimulating atmosphere for both the horse an rider.

The goal of Working Equitation for all riders is an improvement and stimulation of the horse through the variety of challenges the horse will face.  As such WE is also a marvelous training discipline for horse and rider from all walks of life.  Because of the variety of skills employed within WE, horses with dressage training are right at home, as would be a horse and rider with jumping, trail riding, ranching and even barrel racing!

There are three primary phases of Working Equitation

Dressage is also referred to as flat work and occasionally as Functionality.  The WE dressage arena is 20X40 meters.  More than once the term Applied Dressage has been described to Working Equitation!

This and Feature photo, Leslie Martien, Haras Cup 2014
Leslie Martien photo, Haras Cup 2014

Ease of Handling is occasionally referred to as  “Precision”

Speed test. Needs little definition, though accurate riding is required,  because  time penalties may be applied if an obstacle is knocked over or bumped.

And in some team competitions Cattle Handling  This is similar to Team Sorting or Team Penning.

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