Working Equitation Organizations

Working Equitation riders in North American  are fortunate to have more than one organization interested in the development and promotion of the sport.   The USFWE offers international as well North American challenges that embrace the way the cattle culture has evolved in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.  WE United and WEIAUSA are exclusively oriented toward the international obstacle challenges that have been developed by the World Association of Working Equitation, and

USFWEUnited States Federation of Working Equitation Organizations. USFWEA




WEIAUSAThe Working Equitation International Association of the USA .WEIA




WE United – Working Equitation United






WAWEWorld Association for Working Equitation oversees the sport World Wide.  Virtually all competitions in Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Scandinavian countries employ the WAWE rules.

While it is important to have some understanding of the various organizations overseeing WE, participation is more important.  Go to our post of State and Local WE Groups and contact them.  Join their Facebook feed and participate, that is what really counts.

Feature image by Leslie Martien, at Haras Cup 2014


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