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Please understand,  this publication is  in development.  

Working Equitation differs from most other equine activities, as it  attracts participation from a vast spectrum of horse disciplines and challenges them all on equal footing.  We believe the opportunity for growth in the sport are significant.  We hope you appreciate our efforts and will be supportive.

Leslie Martien photo, Haras Cup, 2014

The future of Working Equitation Today© is not so much as a web site, but more so as  an On-Line Magazine.  The majority of the content will be in the form of article posts, rather than static pages.    We hope to offer information on training, creating obstacle courses, show and competition events and results and lots of videos and images of beautiful horses and their riders.   There are a number of ways to negotiate the site and access the information.

  • You will notice a word or short list at the top of most articles  such as “Obstacles”, or “Dressage”.  Clicking on those tags will open other associated articles (blogs).
  • If using a computer, most often there will be an area on the left side that lists the most recent articles, as well as archived content.
  • The same opportunities to access the materials are available on all mobile devices, the locations and appearances may differ slightly.
  • If text is in color it generally  links to associated content.
  • Employing the Search feature will access all the content associated with your desired subject.

Our vision is for Working Equitation Today to be a friendly atmosphere for the WE enthusiast to lean about the sport, gain training information, and share experiences and ideas.  There is a lot of opportunity to grow the sport and educate our riders within Working Equitation Today.  Most of the obstacles have not even been addressed other than a brief descriptions under the Obstacles Page.  There are many that need to be addressed, and we welcome you to provide training ideas, articles and videos.1560695_839553996065678_6327470469728702074_n Please browse around, get a sense for what we are attempting to do, and if you would like:   contribute an article or article idea, submit photos or videos, comment on our content, or just say HI!  Use the Comments sections of the blogs, or use the Contact Us page.  We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and publish your contributions. If you like Working Equitation Today, we encourage you to employ the social media buttons so your friends can join us in this great adventure into the sport. Sincerely Keith Jacobson Editor  

Feature photo by Leslie Martien

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